Markets we service and supply

Onsite Hire provides innovative solutions to specialist sectors requiring plant and equipment hire.

We are committed to supporting our customers in accessing the right tools, reducing risk and enabling delivery while adhering to all health and safety requirements. We can do this because we understand how each of our markets works and operates and are adept at tackling the challenges and spotting the opportunities.



Whether you need support on a building site, during a demolition project or on a maintenance job, we have all the equipment and tools available to help. Our solutions enable you to complete work faster, safer and for less money.

We have all the latest and most innovative equipment available, boast a large and reliable fleet of vehicles for hire alongside a range of hoarding, fencing, scaffolding and equipment for noise mitigation.

In addition we can supply large plant equipment and our product range is simply unmatched in the industry. We offer bowsers, compaction plates, compressors, dumpers, excavators, forklifts, rollers, and much more.

Many of our products are award-winning and help businesses to deliver a more sustainable, safer and efficient working environment for their contractors and subcontractors.


Rail and road maintenance

The infrastructure of a town, city or country is its lifeblood. Without it, those communities simply could not function correctly.

This is why we place huge importance on helping build and maintain services which help with the production of energy, the creation and operation of our rail, road, port and airport transport network and the transmission and distribution of water, gas, electricity and data networks.

The support we provide our clients and all of their subcontractors is second to none and our innovative equipment helps deliver jobs faster and with minimal disruption. Our equipment can help with everything from demolition and site clearance through to the installation of infrastructure and services. 



We have all the tools you need to manage work on chemical plants, factories and manufacturing centres.

A complex and often hazardous sector, we are sensitive to the needs of these various industries and have health and safety solutions which can help you quickly and effectively meet challenging deadlines. 

This includes specialist lighting solutions for the oil and gas industry and for those in the quarrying and mining sector.

In addition we can provide products and services for manufacturing clients which can minimise costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

Our equipment includes materials handling and forklifts, specialist lifting equipment to move heavy or awkward machinery and temporary power generation and lighting for night time working.



Whether you are running an exhibition, festival, concert, sports event or outdoor occasion, we are perfectly positioned to help you.

Due to the temporary nature of events, this sector is a heavy user of a wide range of hired products and services.

This is why we have a specialist division offering a vast selection of plant, equipment and tools to support you from pre-event right through to post-event.

We can supply fencing, hoarding, lighting, staging, mobile toilets and other onsite facilities along with crowd control measures, traffic management solutions and power generators.

We also supply a selection of noise mitigation devices including acoustic barriers to reduce the impact of the event on people in the vicinity.

In addition we can provide health and safety advice to make your job easier, more efficient and stress free.


Local Government

Onsite Hire has all the product and service solutions to support the government sectors – from local authorities to hospitals, schools, prisons and public parks.

With minimal disruption to local people, patients, residents and personnel on and around a site, we can offer hire of a wide range of equipment and even out of hours support.

Our products include generators, access equipment, scaffolding, noise reduction measures, traffic signals, road signs and crowd control barriers.