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At Onsite Hire we provide an exhaustive range of pedestrian barriers suitable for any application and price range. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, our barriers make it easy to cordon off areas safely, working equally effectively in an industrial environment as they do in an entertainment environment.


We offer stylish and versatile solutions to pedestrian/queue management which can be easily erected and dismantled. Our product line has been developed to accommodate the needs of all our customers, with tailor made products that suit specific requirements also part of our range.

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Choose from our range of Pedestrian Barriers products

Fixed Leg Barrier 2.5mFixed Leg Barrier 2.5m Galvanised

2.5m Fixed Leg Pedestrian Barrier is a one...

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Police BarrierPolice Barrier

Used to block people...

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Safegate BarrierSafegate Barrier

This lightweight chapter 8 barrier system is ideal...

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Strongwall BarrierStrongwall Barrier

A very stable barrier which has been designed...

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Avalon BarrierAvalon Barrier

Easy to use and transport, this long-lasting and...

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Vim Folding BarrierVim Folding Barrier

A self-contained barrier, ideal for use in public...

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Fenceman BarrierFenceman Barrier

The Fenceman Barrier is a highly portable system...

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Watchman BarrierWatchman Barrier

Watchman is the most complete Chapter 8 barrier...

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Safefold BarrierSafefold Barrier

A self-contained, easy to use barrier...

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Strongwall 1000Strongwall 1000

The Strongwall Barrier is an extremely robust and...

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... And our Pedestrian Barriers accessories