Noise Mitigation Barrier Hire

Onsite Hire are proud to offer the award winning Echo Barrier product range for the purposes of on site noise mitigation.

Echo Barrier offers high tech, market leading solutions for controlling excessive noise. Echo Barrier systems make noise management simple, fast and highly effective. With many applications including road, rail, construction and demolition, their market leading systems are equally applicable to many other occasions where noise control is important such as music and sporting events.
The importance of reducing inconvenient noise which has a detrimental affect on local people and businesses has become heightened recently, as education on health impacts of noise has increased. More and more people are complaining about noisy construction sites or events that run over time, and those in charge are having to put noise reduction measures in place.

Echo Barriers can be hung to site fencing and hoarding to surround a noisy activity and keep noise from escaping. The H range of barriers provide exceptional acoustic performance and have been developed for easy storage, transportation and fitting, and manufactured to meet the rigours of today’s demanding work environment. They are fire resistant and weatherproof and can be branded for additional awareness purposes for the company using them.

The commercial benefits of noise reduction are enormous, including extending site operating hours (and so reducing operational costs), minimising noise complaints, enhancing company reputation and providing for an improved working environment.

Echo Barriers can be purchased or hired for short or long periods of time and come with the backing of a team of acoustic experts to ensure you are getting the best out of the product.